How We Work

Investment Advice Process

We believe that our investment process starts with understanding you and your financial goals. Your Investment Manager will discuss your investment knowledge and understanding. We’ll also look at your overall wealth, investment timeframe and ultimate goals.

Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, your Investment Manager will begin to tailor a personalised investment proposition.

As your Investment Managers, we do not work off ‘buy lists’ or ‘model portfolios’; we use the tools that come with having the backing of a global wealth management company. We have access to leading analysts, strategists and research. By utilising this information, we can create a portfolio that is unique to you and your investment objectives.

Investment Philosophy

To us, investment success looks like:

  • Understanding our clients goals
  • Having a clear picture of their risk
  • A dynamic investment strategy
  • Clear communication with clients
  • High quality research
  • Active Portfolio management
  • Asset and geographic diversification
  • Tax efficiency   

Our Support Structure